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Community-Based Research Grant Program

The Community-Based Research (CBR) Grants Program at the University of Utah seeks to support research partnerships between academic researchers and community-based partners that inquire into and address real-world issues through an approach rooted in equity and inclusion. The University of Utah recognizes the value of CBR as a method for enriching our understanding of the world while also increasing social impact by advancing scientific knowledge within contextualized practice, guiding community and economic development, impacting policy, fostering learning, supporting organizing and movement building, and enhancing trust between academic institutions and communities harmed by past research.

The CBR Grants Program was originally launched through a partnership between the office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) and University Neighborhood Partners. The Community Research Collaborative worked closely with the VPR to redesign and grow the program in 2022.

The first part of this redesign has produced the CBR Project Implementation Grant Program. Project Implementation Grants are designed to support projects that are based in an established partnership with community partners and have been designed in collaboration with partners. This call for proposals is a pilot launch of the CBR Project Implementation grant program. Future program details, deadlines, etc. are subject to change based on feedback from the pilot launch. Information for applicants seeking grants to support the formation of new community partnerships will be provided later in the 2022-2023 academic year. Applicants to the CBR Project Implementation grant program are highly encouraged to complete the “Principles and Practices of Community-Based Research (CBR) at the University of Utah” REd course prior to applying for any CBR Program.

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