Participatory Action Research Template

The Praxis Project’s particpatory action research template supports community based organizations’ seeking to undertake research projects to support their community development and advocacy work. It offers worksheets and prompts that groups can use to go through the steps of a participatory action research project, including:

  • Engage Community Participants
  • Clearly Define the Problem
  • Examine assumptions
  • Assess organizational needs
  • Identify a Research Team
  • Develop an Action Plan
  • Develop Research Plan
  • Identify/Clarify Research Question (s)
  • Data Collection Strategies
  • On – Going Data Collection and Analysis
  • Findings and Results

The Praxis Project was founded in 2002 by Makani Themba to “forge a more capable, diverse, effective, connected and visionary cadre of changemakers worldwide.” Helping communities use media and policy advocacy to advance health justice under her leadership, The Praxis Project raised more than $20 million for organizers working in communities of color nationwide.

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