URBAN: Research and Action

A multidisciplinary, distributed network of scholars and practitioners of community-based research

URBAN is a multidisciplinary, distributed network of scholars and practitioners committed to articulating and strengthening the collaborative methods and impact, sharing findings, raising the visibility, developing career pathways and increasing the acceptance within the academy, of community-based research. URBAN creates physical and virtual spaces where thinkers of all stripes, academic and non-academic, can explore, debate and share lessons, with the ultimate goal of becoming a robust source of new scholarly work.

URBAN has local nodes in Boston, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia, Colorado, Utah, Los Angeles, and Santa Cruz, as well as nodes focused on Education, Sociology, and Urban Planning. Local nodes connect scholars at the local level in order to share resources and work together across disciplines with community leaders and activists on specific research or network-building projects. 

Along with the Institute for Social Transformation at UC Santa Cruz, URBAN co-leads the national conference All In: Co-Creating Knowledge for Justice. In addition, URBAN’s new website has a cache of publications and other resources called the URBAN Café.

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